Brewery Buddy

Our Start

Brewery Buddy (BB) is a Brewery Management Platform providing logistics and process support to breweries of all sizes. Brewery Buddy was conceived in September 2014 and has a diverse and talented team of co-founders. With an innovative pricing model and core technical competencies, paired with a great customer experience we are the most user friendly and affordable solution in the market.

Brewery Buddy was formed in October of 2014 when the University of Alabama was hosting an upcoming Startup Weekend event for entrepreneurs, designers and developers to come together to share ideas, form teams and build a business in just 54 hours. After a whirlwind weekend, Brewery Buddy was born and won first place in the competition.

We then applied for Alabama Launchpad which fosters economic development and entrepreneurial growth within the state of Alabama. They Spotlight early-stage business ideas and companies that have considerable market potential and provide proof of concept grants and seed capital to advance early stage technologies.

After being accepted in small group of participants and participating in the rigorous and informative process we secured a small seed grant to kickstart development.

We then continued to develop and test the solution with a handful of Beta partners and get feedback on our product.

During this time we partnered with Auburn’s Industrial Design class which has worked with companies such as Dyson and GE. Over the course of a semester the class worked on designing prototypes for the UI, UX, and branding of our product.

Our four core values

Respect People

Respect your customers, employees, and yourself. Care about and bring value to others.

Solve Problems

Solve problems that help people become better at what they do. Address the issues that matter to us and our customers.

Work Hard

Take pride in your work and do the little things right too. Learn from your mistakes and continue to improve. You work hard and so do we.

Have Fun

Drink beer, share time with friends and family, and have fun!


Josh Sahib

Josh Sahib CEO

Parker Brown

Parker Brown COO

Wesley Eldridge

Wesley Eldridge CTO

Tyler Crompton

Tyler Crompton Web Developer

Nick Chadwick

Nick Chadwick Web Developer

Arturo Caballero

Arturo Caballero Web Developer

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